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Challenge / Goal

 The port of Hualien faces water shortages due to climate change, population growth, and industrial development. The port also suffers from saltwater intrusion, land subsidence, and flooding. The goal of the project is to create a sustainable water management system that can balance the water supply and demand, protect the environment, and enhance the resilience of the port.


The project involves drilling wells in the port area and injecting excess water from the nearby rivers or rainfall into the underground aquifers during wet seasons. The stored water can then be extracted and used during dry seasons or emergencies. The project also monitors the water quality and quantity of the aquifers and implements measures to prevent saltwater intrusion and land subsidence. The project also educates the public and stakeholders about the benefits of the Water Bank System and encourages water conservation and reuse.

The project took three stages to complete:

  • (a) 2007 Water Bank V1.0 (Incentive) Project: Water costs for quarries were reduced, incentives to attract investment increased, and the water saving rate was approximately 53%.
  • (b) 2015 Water Bank V2.0 (Stability) Project: To respond to water depletion and to ensure reliable water supply; the water saving rate increased to approximately 88%.
  • (c) 2018 Water Bank V3.0 (Profitability) Project: To expand the use of the water bank and to increase revenues; the water saving rate increased to approximately 95%.

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Time period

Planning time
1 to 2 years

Implementation time
2 to 5 years


Taiwan Water Corporation, Hualien Irrigation Association, Hualien Environmental Protection Bureau

Service providers

Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Hualien County Government, National Taiwan University

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